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Music Therapy Smell Therapy Colour Therapy
About Music Therapy...

                                        “The universe always contains the characteristics of words”

Words always exist because of  properties of sky. In experiments/investigation it has been found that the words which have been uttered/spoken thousands of miles away, the same words can be heard immediately or even after years. Words travel in the space through the medium of Ether. Words have mysterious power, which cannot be revealed but with these power, self is revealed. The real  Power/ Shakti is in “SOUND”; the proper frequency (tone), pronunciation, helps to get proper effect of words.

In ancient times during the period of Kings,Sangeet Samrat TANSEN had sung DEEPAKARAN raga and lighted all the lamps in the whole kingdom, similarly the Raga MALHAR brought rainfall; of all these facts people are already aware. At present also in poetry recitation of light style (hasya ras) or sorrow (karuna ras) they are all packed since audience laughs at the joke of the poet or cries in case of sorrow-full poetry sung by the poet; which is impossible if we read the same poetry it is due to the simple reason that these words are pronounced in a particular tone/frequency. If a sentence is delivered with proper intonation pattern it becomes effective.

There are 7 swars and as per the frequency of a particular vibration is produced. It has effect on the atmosphere, person/people, animals, birds or trees for which well known examples are of milking the cow or use of music in operation theatre at the time of birth of a child (delivery)  which has yielded very good results. It has been proved scientifically that the trees that  have been exposed to music have very fast, healthy growth. In the experiments of sound the vibrations effect,potential are based on practice.

All pulses in our mind get awakened at once on hearing the sound of a bell. Yuta College of Fedision in London and  at New York’s  Yeshiva Vidhalaya-Albert Einstein college of medicine, the experiments of treatment of patients using sound/music therapy has been conducted which has yielded positive results and still the experiments  are  going on for the same.

Scientist have accepted that words,sound,vibrations affects the minds,atmosphere and universe. Just as the wind is always moving in atmosphere, magnetic waves of radio, television cannot be seen, similarly the sound, words, sentence, music produced by sound cannot be seen by eyes. The things which can be experienced need no justification but it can be experienced.
As per the Agnipuran sound has been considered as PARABRAHM .Also the sound/word is OMNIPRESENT, cannot be given birth, always present, and is considered as divine power or one of the forms of God.
In this world the nature has provided entertainment, happiness and change in mood by creating music. Their is hardly any person in these world who doesnot like to listen to music, but the music differs depending on country, time, place, events and people. The music can be differentiated in two broad categories first being “VOCAL” words, sentence, holy songs, bhajans, sacred chants (mantras), poem etc and the other part is “INSTRUMENTAL” the sound/melody created by the various musical instruments in tune with the words send and both together in a particular pattern; get together to produce minute sound waves which create a beautiful effect on the audience/listeners  also changing the whole atmosphere. When Lord Krishna used to play the flute the animals, birds, people got lost in the music itself. Narsinh Mehta had burnt his hand and was not aware of his burnt hand when he lost himself on watching the Rasleela of Lord Krishna which is just a example but in short the true music is one in which one’s self is lost and gets totally engrossed in the music and this is the real effect of music.
Every person depending on his nature/atmosphere, age would like to listen to   different types of music, just as certain people like to hear only holy songs or chanting mantras, certain people like old songs, certain people like sad songs or remix songs etc so a person should listen to whatever he likes the main reason is that a person likes to listen to a particular raga, is based on his her zodiac sign and planets placed in the particular house in his/her horoscope. People feel quite comfortable when they listen to a particular raga or a song based on these raga, but they don’t know the reason for their feeling of joy or pleasure.

Hence according to the planets there is existence of different ragas and when the person listens to  the ragas positive vibrations are created in a person, which should be heard  atleast 20 minutes daily. Moreover it has been proved that on hearing certain ragas blood pressure or diabetes can be controlled but every ragas/music has certain laws or conditions to be adhered too like certain ragas can been heard in morning, certain ragas in afternoon, certain ragas in evening and certain ragas at night to get the desired effect e.g. the holy songs can be heard early in the morning or late evening. Veda mantras cannot be chanted after the sunset.
In this subject our research is going on; music therapy has profound effect in case of depression, tension, study, unhappiness, job or business, in which raga is suitable on which type of person or in which type of diseases will be concluded and shortly we will comeout with remedies in detail which will be beneficial to you. In today’s modern world easy and with the  proper and systematic use of  the music therapy will yield desired results.


About Smell (Aroma)Therapy...

Aromatic Substance is used for personal happiness/entertainment,health and mental happiness of a person. Our ancient rishis based on their discovery and experience, have classified these important aromatic substance for religious,day to day work and in our foods.As per the belief of our ancestors the aromatic substance has very important property of killing harmfull germs which has been tested by the scientist and found to be true.
There are three ways of using aroma therapy for religious, day to day use or health purpose (a) By inhaling air through use of aromatic flowers or planting aromatic flowers or herbs outside the house (b) Inside the home (c) Spraying on the wall /in air or using aromatic substance like burning incense stick to make the atmosphere pleasant. The aromatic properties directly enters in our blood through the pores of skin; by applying  tilak of sandalwood or tulsi (Holy basil) or in day to day use made of aromatic substance like soaps, oil, perfumes/aromatic oil. For the health purpose in our food we use aromatic herbs/masala or in drinking water-Rose petals or flowers of Kevda(a kind of fragrant plant) are used and for cold drinks the aromatic substance in form of juice, oil, perfume, petals powder is used. In ancient times around the palace or house in garden they used to   grow vegetables, flowers, fruits, tulsi and aromatic herb for health and cleansing the atmosphere making it pleasant. But in case where one does not enjoy the facility of natural garden ,inside the home there are artificial ways of making the atmosphere-aromatic/pleasant by offering the God garland of flowers, burning incense stick lightning diya or burning Gugal (a kind of natural gum used as medicine and incense) or Camphor or using aromatic herbs in Yagna; the aromatic herbs/substance are used for all these purpose.

In today’s modern world the learned persons don’t believe in this theory but indirectly without this knowledge under the excuse or pretext of keeping one’s self healthy or for entertainment or making the atmosphere pleasant, they use aromatic substance e.g. garlanding with flowers the photo frame of well known persons or loved one’s, offering garland of flowers in honor of a respectable persons at any function.

It is advisable to use to use natural aromatic flowers or kevda , by placing flowers on doors/windows or in flowerwase, but in case natural flowers are not available one can use artificial flowers but at that time perfumed oil or perfume should be sprayed to make the atmosphere pleasant. If fresh flowers or natural flowers are not available then the garland made of camphor can be offered to God which makes the atmosphere healthy;on occasion of marriage, public-gathering or public-function, parties we use spray perfumes, scent, rose water on our clothes to make the atmosphere pleasant which are artificial and costly, hence it is advisable to use natural things like tulsi, flowers-rose, jasmine etc.

It has been proved by doctors in western countries that if medicine is given through injection instead of swallowing, the medicine directly enters the blood which benefits instantly, similarly the aromatic substance on coming in contact  with  our body ,enters through the pores in our skin and mixes in our blood, instantly killing the harmfull germs in the body.
In ancient times married women used to put BINDI prepared from red sandalwood(chandan) as per our old tradition which is very healthy. In today’s modern times artifical designed BINDI made of Kumkum(red colour),artificial colour or gum prepared from chemicals which is harmfull to our health.Hence in religious ceremony or auspicious functions the priest applies tilak of sandalwood, kesar which is also beneficial.

During auspicious occasion or good function it is advisable to use garland of natural flowers or tulsi, sandalwood or camphor but it is contradict to note that people put on tie/coat or ornaments but the above mentioned aromatic flowers/herbs which are beneficial in everyway are avoided. It is worthy to note that our rishi used natural flowers/aromatic herbs in their day to day life and they lived healthy life for very long time. Keeping in the view the health point it is advisable to prepare things used in day to day life for cooking, toys, tables, chairs, cots, pen etc from sandalwood,seasame, neem tree which keeps us healthy. If coconut oil, brahmi oil, linseed oil is applied daily on hair ,the mind remains cool, nature remains pleasant which benefits our health and for preparing the aromatic oil-fresh flowers, perfumes, powder, herbs, pure camphor, amla etc natural and aromatic herbs are used which benefits our health in many ways.

 In earlier times perople used the sandalwood paste, oil of sandalwood coconut oil,linseed oil in the state of Kerala, Karnatka, W.Bengal, Orrisa, Tamilnadu for bathing which is very healthy, but today artificial chemicals are used which is very harmfull to health.In earlier days their was tradition of bathing with scented water in which well known example is of Queen Nurjahan who used to bath with scented water of fresh rose petals. If children are given bath of Keshudo(flower of a tree) water then it is very healthy for children in summer season.In food items aromatic herbs are vividly used like corrainder seeds, clove, green corrainder leaves, fenugreek, mint, curry leaves, mace, nutmeg and for preparing sweets caramoum(elaichi), kesar is used in one form or other.In todays modern world colddrinks or artificial juice are prepared using assence or artificial chemicals but if aromatic flowers are immersed in water and then boiled then this natural juice is very beneficial and healthy.

In our country enriched with natural vegetation/herbs every year we get aromatic items/oils from the roots, leaves, flower and fruits aromatic oil/herbs, using this aromatic oil or herbs one can remain healthy for longtime which will ultimately benefit our country which is our main motto.

In today’s modern world everybody aspires for easy, effective and cost effective remedies. It is noteworthy that certain aromas, perfumes or aromatic oils are preffered or liked by certain people based on their moonsign, name and planets in the horoscope. In certain types of diseases, psychosomatic diseases, depression or dull mood the aroma therapy is very beneficial.

It is a true fact that everybody in this world likes beautiful aroma, aromatic perfumes which makes one happy and feels enthusiastic. One experience the watering of mouth on smelling the aroma of food being prepared at any occasion; on the road if any dead body of animal remains one experience bad smell, hence one stops breathing for few moments and feels uneasiness, spoiling the mood which everybody experience hence it proves that it affects everybody. It is experienced that with the help of aroma therapy-certain disease can be controlled  like burning gugal produces aroma  which kills germs hence ultimately it increases immunity ; on burning Loban(benzoin) produces aroma which gives relief in pneumonia diseases ; aroma of  sandalwood creates pleasant mood and makes mind cool ; tilak of kesar increases concentration, it has been discovered recently that with the use of lavender one’s mind becomes cool and feeling of fear is removed. Moreover in today’s modern world room spray body spray/perfumes are used by gents and ladies for which the well known example is of the advertisement in TV Channels in one boy sprays perfume and moves out, suddenly he is surrounded by girls.

The research on aromatic therapy has been done in the past and still it is going on, so that people can take benefit, get relieved of health and mental problems ultimately resulting in increase of one’s spirituality and prosperity which is our main motto.

About Colour Therapy...

Colour Therapy which is quite  natural has been in existence right from the formation of the universe . It has been proved scientifically that the earth was formed out of the sun. The main source of colour therapy is SUN. Hence it shows how old is these method is! And it is quite natural and effective.

It has been  scientifically proved  that SUN has seven colours, which is depicted by SEVEN  horses hitched to its chariot in the photograph of the sun God. These colours can be observed with the help of Prism or at the time of rainbow in the sky. Violet,Indigo,Blue,Green,Yellow, Orange and Red are considered to be primary colours while other colours are mixture or combination of primary colours.Each colour has its own characteristics, function and effect on diseases and temprament(mood). We know the universal rule (law) that there are seven colors in the universe as well as in our body (human).Each living thing on this  earth has particular colour or a shade e.g. flowers,fruits,vegetation,vegetables,water and all the natural resources  things used by human beings in day-to-day life. The natural colours are absolutely divine and artificial colours have inauspicious impact. Their are seven points of energy (chakras) in a human body and the increase and decrease in the intensity of colors are the cause of certain diseases. They also affect the temperament-mental balance of a person. Hence colour affects mental, physical, spiritual, economic aspects.
In short as per the atmosphere and   conditions there is increase/decrease in certain colour.The deficiency of certain colour cause a particular diseases or mental imbalance. And based on the diagnosis of deficiency of certain colour,the particular diseases can be cured by supplementing that particular colour.And vice versa it is true that excess of any colour can also cause damage as per the law of nature that EXCESS OF ANYTHING IS POISONOUS hence by balancing that particular colour with the help of other colour the side effects can be cured.
How does this happen; it is due to a method named colour therapy, still knowingly or unknowlingly we use colours in certain aspects which has good or bad effects on our nature,work and results              

It is observed that doctors or ayurvedic doctors advise to eat vegetables in case of eyesight problem due to deficiency of Vitamin C.Due to deficiency of green colour linked to deficiency of Vitamin C there is problem of eyesight and on supplement of these colour the problem is solved. Doctors also prescribe medicines of different Colours, Tablets, Capsules, Injection etc are linked with colour therapy.
According to astrology different gemstone have different colours and their corresponding effect is also different.Also we like to wear clothes of certain colours and our nature/working efficency is certainly affected on wearing clothes of certain colours.

During auspicious events we decorate our house with toran, rangoli, flowers, decorative lights which affects the atmosphere and the good effect is created.Sunbath, Surya namaskar and offering water to sun increases the efficency and freshness of body due to the ultraviolet rays emitted from sunrays.
This therapy is under research and the results are far better then expected. In other methods artificial things are used which is costly and also has possibility of side effects of artificial things; but this therapy is completely natural without any side effects. In certain therapy/methods there is no cure/remedy for certain disease and in that case this method/therapy has proved to be effective. Out of all therapy/remedy these remedy/therapy has been proved to be very effective and unfailingly the Best Therapy, hence we trust it very much since it is result oriented.

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