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Vegetation Remedies

Vegetation has natural properties. Nature has provided remedy/cure before the advent/production of any diseases.It is observed that in case of any production/advent of any disease in a particular area the cure or remedy is already available present in the nearby/surrounding areas.

The properties available in vegetation is natural and their is no need of artificial changes; but what we require is to know how to use it, when to use it and for what purpose it can be used needs to be known/understood.The knowledge of these is available in Ayurveda, about which the common man is already aware, hence it need not be explained in detail. Ayurvedic  is a subject completely  based on vegetation which cures diseases right at the grass root level, though it affects slowly without any side effects.These vegetation has completely natural properties in which the fruits,flowers,roots vegetation when consumed/used  increases immunity power against that particular diseases based on season and climate.

It has been observed during our investigation that vegetation helps to cure illness and other aspects also since it has other properties linked to vegetation like Peepal tree supplies Oxygen for 24 hrs and on inhaling oxygen it cures physical and mental illness; also it increases spiritual energy; also ANKDOO (Madar) tree helps in driving away negative energy; ANGHEDO (Prickly chaff flower), LAJAMANI (Sensitive plant) helps in increasing concentration/attention; also LAJAMANI has the property of attraction and gets folded (on touching it). The seeds of DHATURA (Thorn apple) and BLACK SALT help to cure effects of Black Magic and Bad Dreams. In case of couple having problem in marriage, if the wife has gone to her own parents home and the husband doesnot call her back in that case if the wife prepares a chakra using vegetation, lights a lamp and takes a vow then within short period wife can expect good news from husband and in many cases we have got examples that the husband has called back he wife. In these connection we have conducted experiments with very good results and after that we have conducted experiement s about various problems, which gave good results which increased our confidence/trust hence we prepared readymade things and very easy to use kits; for the benefit of the people we have experimented and created easy to use kits.                                                             

We have been working very hard, doing research, on the various problems of modern life. As a result of our work, we have come to conclusion that there is a solution of each and every problem according to our traditional authentic books. These solutions are based on well experienced use of botany. It has been found tremendously effective.

You can solve any problem, avoid hard times and relish your dreamed success with the use of our traditionally purified and empowered things.

Here are the areas in which we can be helpful marriage, study, service, desired success in business, monetary gain, secret or accidental monetary gain, benefit in stock and speculation, get rid of debit, get back blocked money, nullify the effect of any level of black magic, go abroad, get visa, get success in any desired work, avoid sickness, get rid of diseases that can’t be cured with medicines, avoid accident and to be safe, have peace and prosperity in home, solve complication of land, building and asset and have appropriate benefit, solve any problem pertaining to service for service people. In short, if you have problem, just a single visit to our office will make you feel satisfied.



Sr. No. Subject






Monetary benefit in service and business


Casual Monetary gain


Blocked money




Black magic (person)


Things – lost or stolen


To avoid Accident


Solution of illness


Some effective remedies


For Job


Success in work


Things to make life happy


Things to fulfill desires


People, especially young generation, behave on their own in the present age. With the passage of time, parents find it very difficult to make a right choice of life-partner for their adult children. The youngsters, boys and girls, just don’t care for anything. They are not in a mood to think over whether their choice is appropriate. Because they are driven away by outward appearance and lust. They hurriedly get into the bondage of marriage and later on repent for the same. This is why, for parents, to get their children married has become an anxiety. We have done research work for years together and found out various perfect solutions to this social problem.

A-9     If a boy or a girl is in love with someone from other cast; in spite of trying hard           he/she is not ready to listen to parents, disobeys parents. In this situation, to           fulfill parent’s desire and to make their children follow the good wishes of their           parents, our empowered little packet will be quite effective and fruitful.


A-10     Teasing of girls or ladies, harassment from scoundrel has become daily incidents in big cities. Girls or ladies can’t react             on concrete ground out of shyness. The police department doesn’t exist for such complaints. You should make use of             our empowered “yantra” as a perfect solution to this type of problems.

A-11     Women whose husbands are hot-tempered, are found puzzled or between the devil and the deep sea. Because husbands             with short-temper are used to give physical and mental torture, they don’t mind insulting their wives even in public.             Wives in this condition should make use of our empowered yantra and little packet. They will remove the short-temper             of husbands and make them quite calm and lovable.

A-15     Women who are forsaken or have serious difference of opinion, misunderstandings and as a result of any of these             reasons, husband-wives have separated and the women feel that they have been bereft of their love, they should make             use of our empowered vegetations. It will help to regain the love of husband in its original form. They will definitely find             themselves in a position to enjoy their married life once again.

A-18     Use of tiny bundle of ritually empowered parts of various plants and trees, as remedy of all types of difficulties faced by             women Difference of opinion between husband and wife, divorcé. It removes unnecessary quarrel and makes you feel             real peace in life.

A-27     To succeed in love affair and love marriage.


Your children can properly remember all that he/she reads. Have more concentration, build up will power, remove dislike for study and have proper attitude for study. We have come out with certain remedies which have miraculous Vedic effect. They will make your children obedient and they will also work as safe guard for them.

B-3      A ring to be worn by students while doing homework and appearing in            examination. It will definitely result into a considerable increase in memory            power and intelligence student will succeed in examination. (This ring will be            highly beneficial to writers also).

B-4      A photo of Lord Ganesha which can make any difficult subject quite easy.            The students will be in a position to comprehend the most arduous subject.            They will develop a liking for all difficult subjects and get good marks.


B-5      A packet of vegetation and incense: The packet of vegetation is to be placed under the seating carpet while reading or            writing. It increases memory power and liking. The incense purifies and charges the atmosphere and helps to have            positive vibrations

B-8      A bundle of leaves of grass, to memorise whatever the student reads, to remove the fear of examination and get the best            possible result in the examination.

B-9      Spiritually empowered powder: for stupid children to be with sharp intelligence and increase memory power.

B-11    Tilak and oil – to remove mental disorder, uneasiness, fearishness, obstinancy  and anger.

B-13    Spiritually empowered thread – to remove sadness and to be obedient and have regard for elder people and to sharpen            intelligence.

B-14    Make use of our spiritually empowered water only for seven days and you will feel quite confident and get rid of all types            of phobia and have positive thinking.

B-15    Spiritually empowered “yantra” to succeed in study and get the best possible result in examination.

B-16    Spiritually empowered photo of godess ‘saraswati’ herself which can remove all hurdles, worries and difficulties of            study.

Monetary benefit in Service And Business-C


If you have been in service. If you are servicing and don’t get in relevance to your hard work, responsibility, enough salary, if you find your income too small to satisfy your needs, if you always find your balance sheet deficit, if you have your own business and it is not running well or it has come on the verge of closing or you find a slack season for a longer time. You would definitely like to have a smooth run in your business. If you want to have good turn over and increase your income, to have big orders and to fulfill all your desires and be well-to-do, you should go through the following remedies and get benefited.

C-8      You should keep our spiritually, empowered, never failing “Yantra” either             with you or in locker to increase salary, get promotion and get rid of all             emotional tensions.

C-9      If you desire to have full benefit of your luck or in other words if you like to             have rise of your destiny, have all happiness and prosperity and success in             business, you should use our spiritually empowered, a proved key to the             lock of luck, “Bagyodaya yantra”. It should be kept in the north direction of             your place of business.



C-12    Inspite of trying very hard, if you can’t come out of difficult situation on monetary            ground. If you don’t get proper benefit in business, you seem to be in a hopeless            condition and desire to have monetary gain, you should make use of our spiritually            empowered “Yantra” which can root out your monetary difficult situation. You should            keep this “yantra” with you and also keep while traveling. It will definitely give you a            lot of benefit in your work and remove your sadness and negative thoughts too.

C-25    If you find hurdles in getting back your money or if you get it back delayed, if you are            constantly in shortage of funds, if you are not satisfied with your economic conditions,            you would have inner eye to come out of such situation and open up new sources for            enough fund, you should use our spiritually empowered little packet. You can keep it            either in your pocket or in your locker in your home. It will give you peace and            prosperity both.

C-26    If your sphere of work is such, wherein you like to have status, honour and credibility, along with this you wish to earn            more money, you may have service or a business, you require success and credit, you wish to have rise in your salary,            we have made specially empowered ring of copper which will fulfill your desire.

C-27    Economical sound condition is the chief concern for all – a house wife, serving person or a businessman. Money only            can provide you credit and recognition. After doing research and experiments for years together, we have found out a            solution and prepared a powerful “yantra”. It can be effective within a very short period. It will open all the sources for            your monetary benefits. It will also inspire you for monetary benefits.
C-30    Do you wish goddess Lakshmi to be with you for ever? Do you have desire to be prosperous in business, service place            or in home? You should keep our “yantra” which can make you prosperous and wealthy.

C-31    If you wish to come out of your monetary hardship and all other difficulties, if you wish to have aimed success and not            to have misery through out your life, you should keep our proved and experienced, empowered “yantra”

C-35    Those who have to travel a lot for work or business and wish to earn more money, should keep with them, our very             effective “yantra”

C-54    Persons with desire to have special monetary gain, to be the most successful person in business, should use our special            locket which starts effect immediately. It can be kept with person or at home.

C-56    Keeping in mind, the monetary hardship of people, we have prepared a touch stone like solution. You won’t have misery            through out your life, increase your prosperity day-by-day and you will have wealth which will provide you peace and            permanent happiness. Make use of our specially empowered little packet. It should be hanged on the front door of your            house.

C-60    From horoscope.

                                                                         Stock- Speculation

                                                                         Sudden monetary gain (Lottery) – C


If you are wealthy and desire to be more wealthy. If you are poor and wish to be wealthy by stock, speculation, lottery or any other way, you wish to be prosperous immediately and you are not favoured by luck, you can’t take right decision and be benefited, if you are not satisfied with your economic condition, you should make use of our well-experienced experiments.

C-14    If you want to be wealthy, beyond your imagination, get more and more monetary benefits, have all happiness of the            world, get maximum benefits from horse race, you should holdback and use our empowdered hoof of a horse based on            horoscope of a person.

C-41    We have prepared a ring from the hoof of a horse especially for persons who are dealing in stock and speculation. It            gives very huge monetary gain and removes all your worries.

C-59    Though you have scope of sudden monetary gain in your horoscope, you don’t get them, you can just manage your            expenses but don’t find any surplus, you constantly have thoughts about monetary gain but they never materialize, you            should  make use of our special “yantra” which gives success in such condition.

Blocked Money-C

If you are struck in some monetary difficulty, if you have lended money and don’t get back, you get false promises in return instead of money, if you feel that you have been cheated, if you don’t get remuneration after work, if you have severe tension about monetary matters and you wish to come out successfully, you should put into practice our following proved experiments.

C-20    If you don’t get back your lended money, if you feel that your money has been blocked, you should make use of our            empowered coins.

C-21    If you don’t get back your lended money, if you don’t get your remuneration after work, you should make use of our            empowered vegetation.

C-22    For recovery of lended or blocked money, to remove tension about monetary matters, to have all comforts and to avoid            irregularity in payment, you should make use of our empowered copper coin either on Saturday of on no-moon day.


If you are a businessman or a serving person or a commission agent and face monetary tension constantly, you have severe shortage of funds, as a result of any of these situation you have tension in your family, you have been going down in debt day by day, in order to get out of all these difficulties, you should adopt our following proved experiments.

C-1      If you find yourself constantly in severe shortage of monetary fund, if your debt goes on increasing day by day, if you            wish to come out of all these tensions, you should make use of our empowered water. You will have prosperity,            happiness and peace in life within a month. You will find the situation totally changed.

C-4      However poor you may be, whatever the extent of misery you may have, if you are constantly worried about your            money lender, for all kinds of monetary tension, you should make use of our empowered “foot marks”. It should be kept            in a tin made of steel.
C-5      If you feel that your debt increases day by day because you can’t pay the borrowed money, if you have got sick of the            notices for recovery and feel that you can’t find a way out from the situation, you should make use of our empowered            soil. It will give you money and help you to get rid of all worries.

C-6      If one is having debt and is having weak economic status and wants to get rid of debt and money related problem we            will provide SIDDH LAXMIJI photo which has to be placed in western direction and worshipped by lightning a diya and            incense stick.

C-44    To be more prosperous, to abolish all sickness and quarrels, to get rid of debt, to have more happiness, you should make             our specially empowered little bundle of yellow color which can be used on Wednesday.

Black Magic-D

Every day we get to know that number of people suffer a lot because of the use of black magic. They look fearful, restless or horrible. In majority cases it has been found that black magic is used by some of the closely related person to fulfill selfish desire. Generally people go to some priest who knows how to remove the effect of black magic. But they are all in vain, because such priests are money minded. They try to charge maximum amount for a longer time. They never give positive result. As a solution to this problem, after doing research and experiments for years together we have come out with following remedies. We assure you that our remedies will abolish the effect of black magic and make you feel normal and healthy and make you prosperous too.

D-1,  5, 11 , 37      If the person is badly affected by some black magic, if he/she is very                             much afraid, suffering from severe body ache, take wrong decisions,                             have quarrels , some atmosphere in family has monetary loss, he or                             she should make use of our charmed thread or amulet.


D-2, 35   If you feel that you have been a victim of curse or anger of some god or goddess, if  you are suffering as a result of               some black magic, you should make use of our packet of sacred ashes.

D-3         If you feel that your house is under the effect of some ghost or somebody has done enchantment, the atmosphere of                your house is becoming quarrelsome day by day, you are very much worried for decrease in your income, if you                wish to abolish such negative effect from your house, shop or office, you should perform a ceremonial sacrifice                under our guidance.

D-6         If somebody has practiced black magic on your house, shop or office, the person who has done it may have some                malafied intention, but you have to suffer physically, mentally or financially you should make use of our empowered                doll.

D-7         If you feel that you have some hurdles , or have become a victim of some curse from some god or goddess, and as a                result of this, people  who are living or working in house or shop can’t make progress, you should make use of our                specially processed and empowered hoof of a horse. It should be fixed on the threshold of the main door of house or                office or shop.

D-8         If you have some ghostly effect or sensation of some enchanting act for a long time and wish to be wealthy and                prosperous, you should make use of our little bundle of vegetation.

D-9         If somebody died untimely, premature in your residence and you have illusions of some spirit being present constantly                around you, if you meet with accidents frequently, you should hang our empowered vegetation on your front door.

D-16       It has been found that some persons are affected by some severely negative energy. Inspite of spending a lot of money               they don’t come out if it or feel secured. After doing research and experiments for year together, we have prepared               empowered little bag to keep with you as a solution. It will work like a safe guard for you.

D-17       If you are afraid of something at night, if you get startled during sound sleep, if you have horrible dreams, you should               make use of our empowered water and flowers.

D-22       If you feel that you have some hurdles either in your house or in your shop/office if you feel any kind of inauspicious               signs related to land, in order to get out of all these effects and be prosperous and happy, you should make use of our               empowered bittergoots. It will give you miraculous results.

D-23       If your health is badly affected by some negative energy, black magic, if you feel that your body has become a house               of different diseases, you can’t have recovery in spite of taking medicines, and you should make use of our specially               empowered airial roots of banyan tree. It gives miraculous result in above mentioned conditions.

D-29       If you have hurdle from outside, related to your house or office, if the female members of your family are feeling sick               constantly or they have become quarrelsome or peevish, you should make use of our empowered wick.

D-33    People who are mentally weak, timid by nature and frequently attacked by negative
            thinking, should make use of our empowered “yantra”

D-34    The person who has become a victim of any type of black magic, enemies might have done or they             might have got it done, he/she should make use of empowered “Black Gram Grains”


D-39    You might have been suffering from any kind of powerful enchanting experiment, however old your hurdle might be, we             have prepared a sure cure solution, Make use of our empowered little bag and an iron rod.

D-40    In order to get your work completed without any hurdles, get rid of bewitchery or enchanting black magic and abolish             the effect of negative energy, you should keep with you our empowered chant of ”mantra”.

                                                                              Thing Lost or Stolen-E

Everyday we come to know about innumerable cases of theft. Things which are stolen may consist golden or silver ornaments, cash or some important papers, documents. In majority of such theft cases, intimately related persons or colleagues are involved. As a matter of fact, it is not our concern to find out who is the thief. Our chief concern is, under any circumstances, theft should not be committed at all. Sometimes we place some important things absent mindedly and then forget about it. Later on, we can’t find it when they are required, however hard we may try to find them out. We have prepared some solutions after doing case study, research and experiments for years together.

E-2      The person in whose premises the theft has been committed becomes completely miser. He finds no place or person to            go for help. He can neither bear the suffering nor can he tell anybody. And as a result of such situation, the person may            go to the extant of committing suicide. In order to prevent any kind of theft, gold, silver, cash or important documents,            we have prepared empowered bag for your use.

E-7      If some of your closely or distant relative has run away from home for some undesirable reasons, you should put into            practice remedial procedure under our guidance. As a  result of this procedure, the person who has run away, will have            positive thoughts, intense desire to come back to home and will return home in a few days.

 To Avoid Accident-F

The present age is the age of speed. The life becomes faster every day. Every one has to make use of some vehicles in order to tune with the speed of life. If any person doesn’t have a vehicle to ride or drive, he or she has to travel by a vehicle to reach at different distant places on time in a day. Thus, use of vehicle has become unavoidable. The possibility of accidents has increased co-relatively with increasing use of vehicles. We have found out different solutions to provide complete safety during journey, longer or shorter.

F-1       You may be driving or riding a vehicle under a disturbed mental condition, you may be greatly             worried while traveling, you will be completely safe if you have our specially empowered             “Yantra” with you. (Yantra once bought, will be effective for four months only).

F-2       We take into consideration not only your safety but also not even a small damage done to your             vehicle and for this purpose we have prepared, empowered, little bag, you should tie it on your             vehicle.


F-3       Persons, who are in travel business, naturally wish to provide safety to their passengers and             have more and more passengers. They would also like to avoid any kind of dangers and             hurdles. To have complete safety and increase in your business, we have prepared a special             “Yantra” that you have to keep with you.

F-4       The person, who is driving vehicle, should keep our empowered little bag under his/her seat. It             will surely provide safety and abolish all hurdles on your way.

F-9       Travelling abroad has become quite common now-a-days. People travel across different countries for various purpose              like business, service, study etc. Keeping in mind the demand of the time, we have prepared a special “Yantra”. If you              have this “Yantra” during the journey no accident or any kind of untoward incident will take place.

    Solution of illness- H

Health is real wealth. A person can fight back any difficult situation if he/she is quite healthy. But if the body doesn’t cooperate, the persons strength drains down to fifty per cent, uneasiness and unhappiness increase day by day. Possibilities of becoming a victim of some incurable, fetal disease like cancer or heart attack becomes stronger as the person becomes mentally weak. In spite of taking regular medicines the patient starts visiting enchanters. We have prepared various remedies to come out of any kind of mentally, physically, weak or complicated difficult situation. They can help a patient come back to normal life even from the door step of death.

H-1      Whatever the type of illness you may have, you will be completely protected and recover             soon if you make use of our specially prepared ashes and “yantra”

H-3      A patient gets nervous or scared when medicines don’t have any effect. The patient may            have some incurable, fatal disease. Cancer, heart attack. The patient may be feeling, to be            on the verge of death. We have prepared empowered ashes which can help to have            positive effect of regular medicine and to have miraculous complete recovery.

H-5      Illness causes weakness and the spirit of a patient goes down. If the person can have strong will power and desire to            live, one can recover early without medicine, our empowered water, processed with herbal vegetations, will boost up the            spirit and help to build confidence and will power which will support the positive effect of medicine. The patient will feel            that he/she would surely recover. Diseases like loss of sleep, stomach ache blood pressure and difficulties during menses            will be under control within a short time. (This experiment is scheduled for one month).

H-7      If a family member gets severely ill or in the last stage, other members get scared. In            this condition, if our well experienced “yantra”, prepared by sitting beside the patient,            the patient feels guarded, relieved as the effect of this “yantra”. This “yantra” should be            tied at the left leg of the patient. It will decrease the intensity of the disease            immediately.


H-9      A person has to undergo an operation as a result of either an accident or prolonged illness. And if the patient is very            much afraid of it or feels nervous, totally confused. He/she should make use of empowered ashes. It removes the fear            and helps making the operation a great success. The patient recovers at the earliest possible time.

H-10    Persons who are in the field of music, especially vocal, should make use of our pills. If they chew this pills before their            practice session or actual performance, they will have soothing effect in vocal cords and the voice will sound more            sweet and tuned.

H-13    Many people complain about having lost appetite. They don’t feel to eat even if the food smells tasty. This leads to            weakness and the person becomes peevish. They remain too much slim. Their body looks bony. Any strong medicine            can’t arise appetite. Such persons should make use of our specially empowered water. It is to be drunk for seven days            only. It will arise appetite, develop taste, liking for food and you will be in a position to eat, increase your diet. This will            help to have strength and considerable figure.

H-14    People suffering from fat tendency follow strict rules and regulations of dieting, observe fast, try different medicines            because nobody likes to be disfigured. Obesity may cause hurdles in many ways. i.e. getting engaged or service of a            sales person, receptionist etc. You should take our herbal, empowered pills which will help to get rid of obesity and have            an attractive figure.

H-16    Some people, young as well as matured, are suffering from colic pain or epilepsy. No medicine has been proved            effective for them. The sun has inexhaustible life power. We have specially prepared an amulet inviting the sun so that it            can control colic pain and epilepsy and help the patient to recover completely. The amulet is to be worn during night time            of a no-moon day before twelve either on left arm or in the neck. It is to be worn for one and a half month and the            powder is to be swallowed.

H-17    Blood pressure has become a common disease now-a-days. It may cause deterioration of heart. We have done research,            case study and experiments for years together and prepared a sure cure solution. You just have to wear our empowered            thread and drink water only for seven days. You will definitely recover even without medicine.

H-19    Asthma is considered as horrible disease. We can’t look at the face of the patient when he/she starts coughing; the            patient gets very much tortured, gets sick of life He/she has no desire to live and becomes victim of depression. We have            found out effective mantra and herbal, empowered powder and oil you have to make use of powder and oil according to            instructed discretion. They will root out disease and you will recover completely and live a healthy life.

H-21    Eye is considered as one of the chief important organ of our body. When eyes get any kind of abnormality we can’t see            clearly and we find it difficult to read. One has to rely on spects or lenses. We have prepared a special herbal powder for            bringing sensation in eyes and glaucoma. It can remove weakness of eyes and you won’t need spects afterwards. It has            been scheduled for two months (use of sun light should be done personally).

H-23    Many persons are found suffering from diseases like belching or hiccough. Hiccough doesn’t seem to stop for days            together. The patient should make use of our empowered water and a “pan” They will help you to recover completely            and live a healthy life.

H-24    If some family members have been ill for a long time, any medicine doesn’t have any effect. You might have spent good            fortune in vain. You should keep our empowered little bunch of vegetation in a packet in your house safely. The diseases            will be abolished completely from your family. You will have peaceful and prosperous life.

H-25    Sometimes one of your family members gets seriously ill. No medicine seem to be effective. You get more and more            worried day by day. You should make use of our empowered water, sindur and aerial root of banyan tree. They will            remove illness and help the medicines to be effective very soon. All worries will be removed very shortly.

H-33    If any mentally retarded person gets frequent attacks of lunacy and medicine doesn’t have any effect, you will get            greatly worried. If the tyranny increases day by day you should make use of our specially empowered solid metal. The            lunatic person will be under control immediately. Even if the patient has become victim of some black magic and become            lunatic, our remedy will be equally effective.

     Some Effective Remedies

Whatever the type and size of a home may be, it sounds sweet to be at home after a tiresome laborious whole day’s work. It removes all our exhaustion and tension as soon as we reach our home. But the greatest tragedy of the world is related to the same home, if there is quarrelsome atmosphere in home, many families have difference of opinion between brothers, sisters, parents other relatives and husband -wife. Many times it has been found that such atmosphere is because of the presence of some devil spirit. We studied the problem, observed very minutely, making several experiments, we have found out some quickly effective and sure-cure solutions. They are as given below:

I-1        If you have permanent quarrelsome atmosphere in your family, if you have difference of opinion between brothers,             sister, children –parents or husband-wife, you should make use of our empowered little packet of fruits, strong             differences will calm down immediately and good understanding will be developed. Even a fault from vastu angle will             also be removed and you will have peace, happiness and prosperity in your family life.

I-2        There are many friends who complain that they are worried because of tight financial position. Otherwise they have a             good family life. They never find any hard cash on hand. Their savings are spent after casual illness. We have found out             a perfect solution for this problem. You should make use of our empowered vegetations. Expenses of illness will be             automatically subsiding and stop. You will have healthy life you will have savings with you, some surplus. You will find             life worth living.

I-3        Whatever type of evil spirit might have made you a victim, if there are some ghostly hurdles or black magic in your             house. All family members seem to be depressed and having negative thought patterns. As a result of any one of these,             there is unhealthy atmosphere, frequent hot discussions, quarrels. You should make use of our specially empowered             incense sticks in your room for worship. It will root out your all troubles. You will come out of depression, all hurdles             will be removed and you will enjoy sweet fruits of life. You will get result immediately and have peace for a longer time.

I-4        You may have disturbance in your family for whatever reason. Have frequent quarrels illness have become the victim of              some evil spirit. You should organise a yagya under our guidance. You should sprinkle the ashes of yagya in your              house. You will have peace, good luck and removal of all difficulties. It will abolish the effect of evil spirit if there is              any. You won’t have difference of opinions and quarrels. You will find life fruitful.

I-9        Keep our empowered ashes and water in your house, to have permanent peace and progress and prosperity. It will also             keep you away from all worries.

I-13      If you are to shift in a new house, on the day of your entry you should sprinkle our empowered water and hang a             bundle of straws of vegetations in your house first of all. It will make your life peaceful and happy and make you more             prosperous.

I-14, 15   To have a house or a shop on rent is becoming more and more difficult in big                cities. If you are facing the same problem, you should make use of our                empowered “Yantra” and a .little packet. It will drive away all your difficulties                very soon and you will get either a house or a shop quite easily.

I-16         Farmer friends should make use of our little packet empowered by “Mantras”                after they store the corns in a godown. You will find increase in your Corns.                You can also make use of the same packet before sowing seeds, you will have                better crop and there won’t be scarcity of grain in your house.

I-18      Whatever kind of hardships like financially tight position, constant illness, you may have in your family. You should             make use of our specially empowered wicks. It will solve your problems within seven days. It will help you to have             improvement in your health and get more wealth. All your difficulties will be removed.

I-19      If you have been suffering as a result of becoming a victim of some “evil look” evil spirit, black magic, you should             make use of our empowered thread. It will burn out any kind of evil effect within no time.

                                                                                 For Job Service-J

Now-a-days in spite of having the best education, people have to suffer a lot to get appropriate job. It is next to impossible to imagine the condition in which people with little education find themselves. People who are already in service have to pass through tough competition and rivalry. Moreover they have to resist the pressure and tolerate the torture of their bosses. Many times they have been suspended for no fault and they become jobless. We have worked very hard and found out some very effective solutions for these problems.

J-1       To have desired success in interviews and other work, you should make use of our empowered flowers in your house.

J-2       To have good opportunities and have good job and make good progress you should make use of our empowered pen.

J-5       If you have been suspended from your job, become jobless, accused with wrong             charges, if you have to suffer a lot for a trivial mistake, a trial against you is going on,             you should make use of our empowered “yantra” You will get solution of any             quarrelsome situation. The judgement of your departmental inquiry will be in your             favour and you will be asked to resume your duty.

J-7       Though some persons perform their duty quite sincerely, they are suspended. In spite             of doing work in the best possible manner, some people have to suffer a lot. In order             to resist all such inconvenient situation and to survive in job you should make use of             our empowered “yantra”. You will be able to survive in job, you won’t have any             danger, your pending matters will be solved in your favour immediately, suspension             order will be cancelled. You will get your full salary, probably you may be transferred             to some other place.

J-8       Although you are innocent you have been suspended, you should make use of our             unprecedented sure-cure much experienced, empowered vegetation.


 Success in Work-K

Some people are found much worried or nervous while doing some work, they are not sure whether they will get desired result, and they are constantly worried or fearful about the result. We have done research for years together and found out the following solutions:

K-4      You will find all situations convenient and get desired results, time and circumstances will             also be favorable, get cooperation of relevant persons. If you have our specially empowered             Yantra with you.

K-6      To get the best possible results, you should pop in a pinch full of our specially empowered             powder after having lunch and before starting for some important work.

                     Things to make our life happy-L

Everyday we come to know about many miracles and miraculous things through reading newspapers, magazines, and watching different channels on TV. WE in our hearts of heart, feel that we should have at least something which would be helpful every now and then. Present time is such a strange as even our closely related person would not be ready to help. In this situation, we would very much love to have some miraculous power which would be helpful to us in every matter. It would make our life happy and successful we have done deep research and found out certain things. It would provide you mysterious power which would make you full of success and prosperity.

L-1       To abolish all your unhappiness and difficulties you should keep our empowered yantra with you. It will make you feel             very strongly that your worshipped god is always with you. It will fulfill all your appropriate desires.

L-16     Many times some persons are accused with some serious charges with no fault of their. They have to suffer from             discredit and suspension. They find themselves in a situation like between the devil and the deep sea. Such people should             make use of our empowered little packet; keep it in your valet. It will have unbelievable effect immediately, your charges             will be removed, and you will get back your all credit and honour. The person who has put charges on your will repent             on his/her own and ask for forgiveness.

L-17     “Call no man happy till he dies” seems to be quite applicable even in present, modern age.             Everybody has difficulties in life and everybody tries to avoid, keep away or abolish them. And             yet the fact remains that nobody has been able to come out of this vicious circle. To come out             of this difficult situation even without a small bruise you should make use of our empowered             yantra. The solution of your problem will depend upon the extent of your faith. It will prove its             efficiency by providing mysterious help even in court. The decision will be in your favour. If             you are on the side of truth, you will get victory over all enemies.

                                                                                Things to Fullfil Desires-M

M-1      Suppose you are away from your home and work place and you wish to start             some work and get success in it, you should keep our empowered yantra in your             palm and make a determination about your success. You should start your work             afterwards and you will get success beyond imagination. The yantra should be             kept always with you.

M-2      We have prepared a little bag of secret vegetation and a yantra which are quite             effective and give result instantly. They have a tremendous power to fulfill desires.             If you make use of this bag and yantra in your house, there will be peace and             every member will be healthy. They can remove the effect of any kind of black             magic.

M-3      We have prepared a magnificently empowered handkerchief. We have prepared it after deep research work of years             together, with the help of some of the most rare vegetations. If you make use of this handkerchief. The opposite person             will come under its influence and be convinced to do your work as you want him/her to do.

M-12    Nobody can predict what type of difficulty when and where or may have to face. illness of oneself or of family member             financial l loss termination from service not to get back lended money. You should make use of our empowered yantra .             All type of difficulties will go away. It has miraculous power to change through pattern of the opponent.


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