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Rudraksh Yantra
About Rudraksh...

The fruit which grows on the trees named RUDRAKSH is Rudraksh.They are grown in Southeast Asian countries, Nepal and India’s main important aspect of Rudraksh is that it is originated from the eyes of Lord Shiva; hence it has electromagnetic properties which helps in reducing the stress. A person’s mental balance, mental peace, concentration, development and prosperity can be achieved by putting on Rudraksh. Rudraksh has been accepted  as a wonderful historical gift by nature to human being. Rudraksh bearing one to fourteen faces helps to cure various mental and physical health ailments; it also helps in increasing self confidence to develop personality and increasing prosperity or economic status.

  EK (ONE) Mukhi Rudraksh : -

It is considered to be symbol of Lord Shiva by the followers of Lord Shiva. Those who wish to obtain peace, prosperity, satisfaction are advised to put on 1 Mukhi Rudraksh.The people cursed with inauspicious planets in the horoscope right from the birth maybe helped in creating path at the time of difficulty by putting 1 Mukhi Rudraksh.It is also considered to be symbol of Goddess Laxmiji. All the difficult problems arising in life can be solved by putting it on; increase in  social status and self development.1 Mukhi Rudraksh helps in boosting leadership qualities, hence those who wish to increase social status or want to lead people spiritually in religious matter are advised to put on Rudraksh; if their are unwanted/bad aspects taking place due to weak position of sun in one’s horoscope, person suffering from diseases or having heavy debt or suffering from mental illness are advised to put on 1 Mukhi Rudraksh.It also cures the problem of birth of children or cure of ancestors(pitrudosha).

   BE (TWO) Mukhi Rudraksh : -

2 Mukhi Rudraksh is a form of Shiv Shakti. Many saints/munis consider these rudraksh as a form of Lord Shiv and Goddess Parvati, Guru (teacher)-Disciple (student) or Father-Son. On wearing 2 Mukhi Rudraksh the mutual trust and confidence among the couples increases which results in happy married life. It helps in clearing personal difference among father-son or friends and especially it cures doshas /bad effects of planet Saturn. All the struggles of life are removed due to divine blessings of Goddess and  it helps in curing ailments /problems of eyes on wearing  2 Mukhi Rudraksh.If 2 Mukhi Rudraksh is given as a gift to son, son-in law, daughter ,daughter-in law they are blessed with divine powers and lead happy married life which doesn’t cause divorce among couples.

   TRAN (THREE) Mukhi Rudraksh : -

3 (THREE) Mukhi Rudraksh is considered to be a form of three God/Goddess. Just as Goddess Mahakali, Mahalaxmi Mahasaraswati- 3 forms in the same way Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are 3 forms of God.During the struggle period of childhood, young age, and old age the 3 Mukhi Rudraksh helps in divine way and protects from untoward incidents.It helps in understanding the significance of life, boost the helps to fight against any adverse conditions with confidence. It helps in increasing self confidence and to nullify the effects of bad deeds (KARMA).It helps in purifying the soul and body and helps to make it holy.

If the children who have problem of lack of self confidence, physical weakness, weak memory or the mental growth is slow then 3 Mukhi Rudraksh is sure shot remedy. It increase the IQ,health and mental fitness.Any person suffering from emotional stress, stress of life or prolong illness can get benefits on putting up 3 Mukhi Rudraksh. Moreover it helps in curing the bad effect of planet Mars.

   CHAR (FOUR) Mukhi Rudraksh : -

(FOUR) Mukhi Rudraksh helps in achieving spirituality, economic status, lust and freedom. On achieving all these four stages of life the man reaches the highest level of life. It helps in creativity and boosts the knowledge of person. On putting 4 Mukhi Rudraksh the immunity system gets boosted hence the diseases have marginal effect on body. It affects the aura of person and induces minute vibrations making or increasing the positive attitude of a person. Hence it increases enthusiasm, spirit, self confidence and increases the working efficency.The student who are mentally weak, weak in studies get lot of benefit on wearing 4 Mukhi Rudraksh .People who are in profession of scientific investigation, connected with arts, actors, writers or athors, students, teachers or press reporters will get good results by putting 4 Mukhi Rudraksh, which is our personal experience.

   PANCH (FIVE) Mukhi Rudraksh : -

(FIVE) Mukhi Rudraksh is a form of KALAGNY.It helps in calming effect and makes mind cool,helps in  controlling Blood pressure.5 Mukhi Rudraksh is considered to be best for JAPA. By putting on 5  Mukhi Rudraksh the happy married life increases. Those who wish to achieve high status in society, achieve economic goal and power in society are advised to put on 5 Mukhi Rudraksh;those who want  peace of mind are advised to wear 5 Mukhi Rudraksh by our saints. The five elements of sky,water,fire,wind,and earth which are present in our body are balanced and five learning centres and five senses of deeds are regulated secretly on putting up 5 Mukhi Rudraksh. More over people practicing the profession of food articles, religious works or religious institutions are immensely beneficial by 5 Mukhi Rudraksh. On putting 5 Mukhi Rudraksh it nullifies the bad effect of Jupiter, increasing mental strength, decreases stress, increases spirituality, increases economic status and social status of person.

   CHHO (SIX) Mukhi Rudraksh : -

(SIX) Mukhi Rudraksh is considered to increase IQ level and knowledge of person.Lord Kartikeya the second son Lord Shiva blesses 6 Mukhi Rudraksh.It effects the mind and IQ simaltenously hence helps in fighting worldly struggles of life. The person who are very stupid and slow learner and have to struggle, face a lot of difficulties are advised to put on 6  Mukhi Rudraksh since  it increases the IQ level. As a result this increase the progress in life leading to peace and prosperity in life gathers speed.
The students who are weak in studies are advised to wear 6 Mukhi Rudraksh which boost the Grasping Power. Person in the profession of teaching, business man, fashion, filmmaking or intellectuals are advised to put on 6 Mukhi Rudrkash .6 Mukhi Rudraksh is governed by Planet Venus hence the side effects arising due to planet Venus are removed with 6 Mukhi Rudraksh, it is believed that if 6 Mukhi Rudraksh is worn on right hand than we get victory over our enemy.

   SAT (SEVEN) Mukhi Rudraksh : -

(SEVEN) Mukhi Rudraksh affects the divine vibrations of 7 chakras i.e Muladhar,Swadhsitan,Manipur,Anahat,Vissudh,Agna and Shastrakamal present in our body. Those who are facing economic, mental and physical health problems are benefited by 7 Mukhi Rudraksh.It helps in progress of one’s job or business by removing all the obstacles resulting in increase of happiness and prosperity.The bad effects of planet Saturn are removed by wearing 7 Mukhi Rudraksh.

Those involved in the profession of sales/distribution, arts, music, films, TV are largely benefited. Any boy or girls marriage getting delayed or having any problem of marriage get removed by 7 Mukhi Rudraksh, any youngster, boy or girl, who faces the problem of delayed marriage can get solution by putting on 7 Mukhi Rudraksh. Moreover it also helps to remove any problem pertaining to married life; any type of economic hardship is removed resulting in prosperity and happiness in one’s life.

   AATH (EIGHT) Mukhi Rudraksh : -

(Eight) Mukhi Rudraksh –Lord Ganesh  who is believed  to remove all the obstacles in life it is considered to be deity of 8 Mukhi Rudraksh. Social,Economic,Religious and Health related problems are settled by using 8 Mukhi Rudraksh.The mind’s  noble and extreme emotions create problems or obstacles the change of nature, expectations, liking or disliking,loneliness,negativity, stubborn nature results in struggled life or health problems and during this period if 8 Mukhi Rudraksh is worn miracle takes place resulting in progress in life.Lord Ganesh is deity of 8 Mukhi Rudraksh hence Goddess Laxmiji  and Goddess Saraswati also bless the one’s putting on 8 Mukhi Rudraksh hence the enemy cannot withstand resulting in victory.It is believed that the bad attitude/intention of mind changes by putting 8 Mukhi Rudraksh.

   NAV (NINE)  Mukhi Rudraksh : -

(Nine)  Mukhi Rudraksh – Goddess Durga is considered to be deity of 9 Mukhi Rudraksh and is considered to be one of the forms of Goddess Durga.One progresses continiously in life and is blessed to serve the society which is mutually beneficial. It is seen that the bad effects of various planets are present in the horoscope.By putting on 9 Mukhi Rudraksh person becomes tolerant, adventurous, victorious, efficient and has positive attitude towards work.The will power becomes strong resulting in a lot of efficient and immense strength gained. One’s wish to attain spirituality becomes easy and helps the best in Sadhana / Tapasiya. Goddess Durga blesses the person putting on 9 Mukhi Rudraksh.

   DAS (TEN) Mukhi Rudraksh : -

(TEN) Mukhi Rudraksh- Lord Vishnu is the deity of 10 Mukhi Rudraksh,who had 10 incarnation.Their is no bad effect of any planets on 10 Mukhi Rudraksh but it’s effect can be felt in all 10 directions.On wearing 10 Mukhi Rudrkash a person gains popularity,name,fame,wealth,power,social status and prosperity.Those connected with politics, customs,incometax, anticorruption dept or any administrative  job for them 10 Mukhi Rudraksh is a must and important, also people connected with import export are benefited by putting on  10 Mukhi Rudraksh   and those who wishes for progress in family business continiously are advised to put on 10 Mukhi rudraksh.It is also said that the bad effect of black magic can be cured.

   AAGIYAR (ELEVEN) Mukhi Rudraksh : -

(ELEVEN) Mukhi Rudraksh.- Lord Hanuman is deity of 11 Mukhi Rudraksh,hence many saints/rishi accept these as gift(AUSHOTASH).It increases the self confidence and mental capability,hence it makes a person worth for highly responsible job.The fear of death goes away hence it helps in victory of a person.As per our ancient mythology/scripture it is believed to bestow the fruit of ASHWAMEGH YAGNA especially person who wishes to progress in practicing yoga or dhyana gets benefited since it increases    the calmness    of mind  and body; giving benefit in higher level of sadhana resulting in  power to make every wish to come into being and helps in taking right decision.

   BAR (TWELVE) Mukhi Rudraksh : -

(TWELVE) Mukhi Rudraksh is considered to be form of sun symbolizing light and shining .On wearing 12 Mukhi Rudraksh the leadership qualities arises and helps in acquiring  powerfull positions.Those practicing Gayatri Sadhna or worshipping sun or leading  a company or in leadership position,then 12 Mukhi Rudraksh helps in brightness increasing their effectiveness,boost immense self confidence resulting in increase of working efficency.A person becomes career oriented and brightens up one’s life as the  sun.

12 Mukhi Rudraksh is advised for politician, industrialist, small businessman and person aspiring for popularity,which results in increased charisma ,working efficiency and overall benefits are increased. People connected with business of import-export are benefited by 12 Mukhi Rudraksh, it is beneficial in case of curing health problems.


   TER (THIRTEEN) Mukhi Rudraksh : -

(THIRTEEN) Mukhi Rudraksh is considered as Indra among all the available forms of Rudraksh.The planet venus bestows blessing hence those aspiring for lavish life and wanting to satisfy their wish are benefited.Lord Indra blesses a person putting on 13 Mukhi Rudraksh hence one can achieve material/economic prosperity and helps in fulfilling all the wish  / conceivable wishes. One who wishes for blessings of “ASHTA SIDDHI” and “NAV NIDHI” is advised to put on 13 Mukhi Rudraksh.People who are working under women as boss or indirectly connected with women like in profession of cosmetic,fashion designing,stage-shows or actors will be benefited largely by  putting on 13 Mukhi Rudraksh. It helps in solving problem of delay in marriage or problem of conceive of child are largely benefited by 13 Mukhi Rudraksh.

   CHAUD (FOURTEEN) Mukhi Rudraksh : -

(FOURTEEN) Mukhi Rudraksh- SHRIKANTH is considered as the God of 14 Mukhi Rudraksh.It is very rare and very effective, these rudraksh gives instant results.As per our ancient scriptures these rudraksh is like a Parasmani (touch stone).14 Mukhi Rudraksh helps in arousing the sixth sense and also helps in knowing the future events to take place automatically, hence decision regarding anything or event is correct and successful resulting in peace and prosperity in one’s life.

All the sudden problems arising in life are removed and stops   economic   loss;helping in stopping any untoward incident/accident and relieves from unnecessary tension in life.All the personal matter and mysterious knowledge can be known by these rudraksh.One becomes self reliant and helps in stopping taking wrong decisions.Hence there are multifold benefits of putting on 14 Mukhi Rudraksh.

About Yantra...

“Yantra” is a figure drawn with accurate measure in specific shape which becomes a source of energy. There may be “Yantras” of various shapes like square, round and triangle. The figures written in a Yantra are placed in such a manner as its addition from all sides would come to one and the same when a “Yantra” is empowered by chanting of a specific “ mantra”, its hidden energy is awakened. There is a special “Yantra” for different work. For example there is a “Yantra” to make our work a success. It has a tremendous power to make our work a success. Because it captures and puts together, the necessary energy and power from the whole universe. It gets activated where it is established and starts working for success.

There are main sixteen types of “Mantras”.

   Yantra Raj Shree Yantra : -

One can get the result of visiting pilgrimage by just a darshan of Shree Yantra in which Tripura Sundariji-Shree Yantra is considered the best.” “That which binds the universal energy is called Yantra”.By regular darshan of Shree Yantra one is benefited in wealth and fulfillment of all wishes.

All the physical health, mental and verbal sins are removed with these Yantra.If a particular/specific pooja is performed then one can attain success in all the works and proper fruits  can be achieved.

   Shree Ganesh Siddh Yantra : -

Any work which is to be completed without obstacles, or delay in any work or uncompleted work can be carried out easily and successfully resulting in removal of economic imbalance hence the economic prosperity increases.

It is also helpful in job purpose.

   Gayatri Samput Yantra : -

Goddess Gayatri is the mother of Vedas.Gayatri Yantra increases self confidence; mental disorders, mental disturbance, or health related problems are removed.

All types of sins are washed away or removed. It gives good results in studies and desired results in economic prosperity.

   Chintamani Yantra : -

This Yantra is beneficial especially for economic prosperity or economic benefit. One makes lot of efforts for economic prosperity but doesn’t get desired result where Chintamani Yantra proves to be very usefull.

By worshipping this Yantra daily, one attains economic prosperity and get blessing from mysterious or unknown power but one has to put in one’s self effort along with the worship.

   Vashikaran Yantra : -

One who wishes to attain success in a Debate, wish to change the opponents opinion in favor of one’s self, wishes to acquire desired material objects or win any person, wishes that the acquired object is not lost and is protected.

In attaining success in any type of work and during these period if there is any court case or police case then in such conditions this Yantra is especially useful and effective, protecting against all unwanted things.

   Mahamrutunjay Yantra : -

All types of incurable diseases  can be cured by this Yantra.

This Yantra is capable of bringing back a person from deathbed to life and any type of difficulties related to diseases can be removed.

   Shree Dhandaa Yantra : -

This Yantra is very powerfull and effective to achieve economic prosperity which is our personal opinion.

This Yantra is very rare, ancient and mysterious Yantra.One can attain economic prosperity or sudden economic benefit can be achieved by this Yantra.

   Shree Karya Siddhi Yantra : -

We predict that those who are in possession of Yantra will never become idle(jobless) or poor which will result in peace and prosperity in one’s home.

The name-Karya Siddhi itself signifies that one’s work is completed which is to say that one’s mental wishes are fulfilled.

   Shree Navnath Sabri Yantra : -

This is very mysterious and rare Yantra but still very magical; this is our opinion and it is based on first hand experience.

Any type of social, personal or other problematic situation can be solved by using this Yantra.This Yantra helps in solving problems resulting in mental peace.

   Shree Hanuman Yantra : -

Any type of difficult problem, economic problem, health problem, fear of enemy, problems among couples, mental disorders, any kind of bad effects of black magic  can be solved since these Yantra protects and acts as a shield.

If there is any doshas at the place of stay or work or any type of doshas of land it can be eradicated by using these Yantra.

   Shree Shiv Yantra : -

Those who have the fear of death, sudden eruption of problem/unforeseen circumstances,doshas of God, problems due to outer circumstance in such cases Shree Shiv Yantra is sure shot remedy.Any type of mysterious effect can be eradicated by this Yantra.

   Panchakshari Yantra : -

If you feel deficient regarding anything or deficiency of any type; having feeling of deficiency of any kind in your mind these Shiv Panchakshari Yantra is very useful and any type of obstacles can be overcome by using Shiv Panchakshar Yantra.Girls planning to get married can obtain husband of her choice, those who have special problem can be solved by using Shiv Panchakshari Yantra.All the good mental wishes can be obtained with the help of this Yantra.

   Shree Laxmi Samput Yantra : -

Lord Ganesh,Goddess Laxmiji and Goddess Saraswati-all three God are included in these  Yantra.One achieves economic and social status by  worshipping one becomes a very good orator and unbelievable success or rise of luck can be achieved effectively and magically.

By having just a glimpse of these Yantra Success and Goals can be achieved; such is the wonderful effect of these Yantra.

   Shree Saraswati Yantra : -

Shree Saraswati Yantra is useful for hindrance in studies or any student doesn’t like to study in such cases these Yantra has much advantage. If a child is very lazy in studies, has bad handwriting, weak in studies, is not interested in study or is no getting desired result in studies or in exams inspite of lot of efforts in such case this Yantra gives best result.

This Yantra is useful for persons linked with the profession of education, writing, music, administrative will get extra benefit.

   Shree Hanuman Pujan Yantra (Maruti Yantra for avoiding accident): -

By worshipping Lord Hanuman one is blessed with knowledge and wisdom. Those who fail often on the path of spirituality, law, education, will get advantage soon with this Yantra. The Lord Hanuman removes negativity, removes all the obstacles and protects one from evil forces.

This Yantra protects against untoward incidents/accident during journey, in war or natural calamities like earthquake-imbalance of nature. One who possess this Yantra is protected specially incase of any untoward accident.

   Shree Santan Gopalak Yantra : -

In today’s modern world people try various cures from blessings to medicines for becoming proud parent but still they are not successful; resulting in unhappiness in life which is clearly evident from the face of suffering parent.

By worshipping Lord Vishnu one is blessed by the wish of Childbirth  which is very successful. By using this Yantra this problem of Childbirth can be solved.

   Marriage Yantra : -

The marriage problem of son or daughter is a very serious problem, eligible bachelors without any defect whose parents are not successful (inspite of lot of efforts) gets benefited by using this Yantra and the eligible bachelors get engaged at proper time and proper candidate fixed by Almighty(GOD).

   Vyapar Vruddhi Yantra (Beneficial for Business): -

As the name suggest in Business if one is facing difficulty of non movement of stock, slowdown in business,lack of customers,the sales doesnot increase, old customer level is maintained.

By using this Yantra new customers are generated, new business avenues opens up; the debt is cleared by business associates and the business keeps on gradually increasing and all the difficulties related to business are solved by using VYAPAR VRUDDHI YANTRA.

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