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Name                          :                        Prakash Dhaneshwarbhai Raval
Contracted name          :                        P.D.Raval
Date of birth                :                        19.6.1975
Languages known        :                        Gujarati, Hindi, English
Postal Address             :                        (R): “Chaitanya” Plot No. 442/2, Sector 2-B,   
                                                           Nr. Mahudi Hall, Gandhinagar 382 007
                                                          (O): Aditya Jyotish Sanshodhan Kendra
                                                            410, 2nd Floor, Sahjanand Market.
                                                            Nr. Vrundavan Shopping Centre
                                                            Pankor Naka, Ahmedabad 380 001

Telephone Nos             :                         (O) 079-39823153
                                                            (M) 9824054687

Email                           :                         ravalprakash47@yahoo.com
Website                       :                         www.adityaastroremedies.com


Educational Qualifications:-          

  • I secured first rank for consecutive three years in the examinations of various subjects of astrology held by Santram Jyotish Gyan Pith-Nadiad.
    • Jyotirgnatee,  Hastrekha gnata – 1996
    • Jyotirbhushan – 1997
    • Jyotishalankar - 1998
  • I secured first rank in Jyotish Visharad examination held by Santram Jyotish Gnan Pith Nadiad in the year 2002
  • I was awarded Jyotish Visharad (K.P.) by Academy of vedic Astrology Ahmedabad in June 1999 which is prescribed by P.V.K. Punneswara Rao.


  • I was honoured as an astrologer by Hindu Astrological Society U.K. London (India Chapter) Jyotish Darshanam on 9.1.2005 at Ahmedabad.
  • I was awarded the prestigious AGAS awared by Akhil Gujarat Astrological Soceity, Ahmedabad in the year 2008.

Contribution in the field of astrology:-

I attended the following Jyotish camps free of charge:


  1. Shri Santram Jyotish Gnan Pith-Nadiad dt. 11.1.2004
  2. Hindu Astrological Society U.K. London (India Chapter) Jyotish Nidan Shibir  dt. 10.9.200 Ahmedabad.
  3. Hindu Astrological Society – U.K. London (India Chapter) Jyotish Nidan Shibir dt. 15.8.2003 Ahmedabad.
  4. Shree Santram Jyotish Gyan Pith- Nadiad – free of 100 diagnosis seminars dt. 11.1.2004-Nadiad.
  5. Shree Santram Jyotish Gyan Pith- Nadiad – free of 100 diagnosis seminars dt. 19.12.2004-Nadiad.
  6. Hindu Astrological Society U.K. London (India Chapter) Jyotish Darsharam – dt. 9.1.2005-Ahmedabad.
  7. Shree Jaagnath Mahadev Jyotish Vidhyapith And Milk city Jaycees – Anand – free of cost Jyotish diagnosis seminar dt. 20.3.2005 Ahmedabad.


Extra ordinary features:-

Prasar Bharti – (broad casting corporation of India) Doordarshan Kendra – Ahmedabad telecast my live interview on astrology for twenty minutes under their programme – suprabhat Gujarat on 29.5.2003

1. Shree Santram Jyotish Gyan Pith – Nadiad – free of cost Jyotish diagnosis seminar –


2. Ganesha speaks Astrology by Bejan Daruwala – work for two months in call centre.

About Prakash Raval:-

I was born in a highly religious family. My father and grandfather made their living by performing religious activities. They did it with a sense of responsibilities and high moral values. Thus I inherited Astrology from my father and grandfather. Along with my schooling, I read some books on astrology and tried to understand some primary concepts. Of course my father was always there to remove my confusion. I learnt from him about all planets and “muhurt”. Having developed deep interest in astrology, after completing higher secondary, I joined “Santram Jyotish Gnanpith” Nadiad. There I had a chance to learn all the branches and subjects related to astrology quite systematically in depth. I completed four years course. I secured first rank for four years in all subjects.

I was fortunate enough to get a chance of teaching in the same institute where I had studied. That helped me a lot so far as the clarification of basic concepts of astrology are concerned. I did teaching work for five years. I shouldered the responsibility of coordinator. I managed to conduct the examinations, draw question papers and assessment etc. Alongwith my study and teaching work, I continuted my practice as a consultant. The more I learnt, worked and thought, the more I experienced accuracy in diagnosis and decision. During these nine years, I could clearly realize my genuine interest in astrology. Having realized astrology as sole purpose of my life, I decided to dedicate my life to it. I have been favoured by fortune right from my birth. To add to this, I had a benefit of valuable guidance of Shri Shankarbhai Patel Saheb, chief organizer of Santram Gnan Pith Nadiad. I could persue special study of practical and medical aspects of astrology under the guidance of Shri Shankarbhai Patel Saheb. To ad fragerance to flowers beauty I got a chance to work with my honourable teacher as a consultant in our office in Ahmedabad. We worked together in this office for three years. He was kind enough to help me constantly to establish my office separately.

I have learnt a lot from him. Even today we are constantly in touch with each other. I will always be grateful to him for his kind support throughout my life. I delivered lectures on astrology in coordination with Mr. Shantilal Dalal in M.S. University, Vadodara. I have been invited to deliver lectures and conduct seminars in North Gujarat University at Patan. I have contributed in a magazine “sanvid” published from Nadiad.

After the experience of years together of study logically consultation, I decided to focus two aspects. First is to diagnose accurately the problem from which a person is suffering. It should be done on the basis of the persons horoscope and if it is not available then it should be done with the help of question horoscope “Prashna Kundli”. I wanted to reach at the root of the problem and to be sure about it. I also wanted to know precisely “what is the inauspicious time for a person, because it might be an important guideline for him/her.

The second aspect, I decided to focus on was after knowing the exact reason of a problem, it should be solved at the earliest. So, the person should not suffer for a long time after applying remedical measures.  Being a research oriented person, I started to find out perfect solutions for all problems. Taking into consideration the life-style of the present time and its demand, I replaced prolonged rituals, chanting of lakhs of mantras and stotra by some short-term but effective traditional rituals and practical household remedies. I kept on conducting experiments on the virtuous level. I have been doing research on the use of different vegetations as remedy for the last ten years. And I have achieved surprising success ratio. I found some of the results quite miraculous.

Instead of asking people to go through a very long, time-consuming religious process, I prepared some solutions and gave them to people to solve their problems. These ready made things fetch me 100% result. These ready made solutions are prepared with the use of mantras, vegetations, yantras and colour therapy.

During my career as an astrologer and a consultant, I have worked at different places like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Mumbai, Calcutta and Delhi. I have also done consultantion abroad countires like U.K. and U.S.A.

My ultimate goal is not to know people’s problems but to provide them remedy and make their life worth living. The types of problems, I have been able to include to the list of remedy are: study, marriage, issue, going abroad, sickness, incurable diseases, black magic, monetary difficulty, mental depression etc. I wish more and more people should be benefited by these remedies at the least expense and time so that they can enjoy their life. In my hearts of heart, I want to serve the society because the welfare of the people around me will help me to be satisfied for being human. People’s faith in astrology should increase even in the age of science and technology. I pray to God for the welfare of the whole world.

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