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C- Monetary benefit in service and business
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C- Blocked money
C- Debt
D- Black magic (person)
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J- For Job
K- Success in work
L- Things to make life happy
M- Things to fulfill desires

Astrology is not a miracle but minute or detailed mathematical calculation based on 9 planets and 27 stellar. The proper methods and diagnosis of the horoscope helps to clearly predict /see clearly the events that are taking place and that will take place in future through 9 planets and 27 stellar positioned  in the horoscope.

In today’s world of marketing people give tempting advertisements regarding removal of difficulties faced in life and showing myths about happy life but actually it doesn’t have any connection with astrology because ASTROLOGY is a Science rather than a miracle and these worthy knowledge has been gifted by our age old saints/ rishi.

The planetary calculation is a result of minute calculation. All the events taking place in human life right from birth till death can be predicted perfectly with the help of Astrology; any unhappy event or difficult events with the period of events can be predicted with the help of study of horoscope in depth.

Career, Business/Job, Marriage, Children, Economic status, Diseases and other problems of human life can be answered with the help of astrology but there is only one condition   that all the events must be studied in minute details and with scientific approach.

We promise to solve your problems with the help of astrology, Vedic knowledge and planetary predictions to give   perfect solution honestly. Our main motto is to provide solution based on perfect diagnosis of your horoscope and not assumption for which one visit at our office will help you in clarifying your doubts satisfactorily.


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